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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I think last Saturday was the HOTTEST day of the year so far. Of course, we had Brinkley's senior portrait session anyway and .... awesome! I've known Brinkley's mom since before Brinkley was born and she and I have always gotten along famously. I did, however, almost send her to the car Saturday morning! Brinkley is her little baby girl still but I think you can see that inside that little girl is a pretty talented woman about to take on the world. A little shy, fairly stoic, accomplished saxophonist (is that a word?), naturally curly hair (we all know how I envy that!) and a killer smile. I think she's going to be okay out there. (I don't know what we're going to do with her mother!) Go get 'em Brink!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's here! Mia Magazine premier issue is on the stands. It's free and you can pick one up several places around town. We are so proud to be a part of this new magazine for women by providing photography for the wonderful stories. I've been dropping them off in the Starbucks, shops in Brookside, just anywhere women go. It's a smaller size - meant to be carried in your purse so you can grab a quick read while you're waiting for your kids, waiting for your doctor, waiting for your hair/nail appt - waiting..... well, you get it - women have to wait a lot and now we have a nice little magazine to help us fill the time. When you're finished reading it, just leave it and let the next woman pick it up and read it too. It's full of great inspiration, ideas, tips and advice for women of today with stories by women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A LOT of talented women are out there ready to share and touch the lives of other women. You may be one of them. Pick up a MIA and be inspired today! To read it online or contact them to advertise to all the women who will reading it, click here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are thrilled to announce our darling bride, Meagan Stephens McDaniel is the new Tulsa People Weddings Cover Girl. When we were stylizing her bridal session I asked her where she thought she'd like to have it and she said she'd like to take a few at her house and then we could go somewhere else. I arrived at her house and immediately knew we didn't need to go anywhere else. It was perfect! And, of course she felt right at home so what could be better. Meagan wore a fabulously stellar designer gown by Monique Lhuillier of cream satin with an exquisite lace, re-embroidered corset, finished with a vanilla sash specially tied by...her mom. Meagan has some modeling experience and was actually called back and almost chosen for America's Next Top Model a couple of years ago. She's a doll and we're so happy to have her grace the cover of this issue. Her wedding is also featured so you can check out her darling groom inside. Pick one up today and take a look!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Best Day

Wedding season is always so busy. I never seem to have time to spend with my family - well, they complain anyway - but today we just took a little time out and Kate, Tatum & Taylor and I went to the water park on 91st & Darlington. It was a little overcast so I could get by with a spf 70 for an hour or so! (It's hard being a ginger).   I love to watch how the girls are starting to come into themselves and just get out there amongst 'em.   Tatum cannot contain herself - I LOVE that about her.  She jumps and hops and her joy just overflows to the ends of her curls! Taylor is still watching a bit. Let's see how it goes and maybe I'll go over there. She's not too wild about uncontrollable water yet, but she did give it a try today! They love Kate and she pushed them in the swings awhile and we ended up at Josh's Sno-Shack for a sno-cone before we had to be home. It was THE BEST DAY!   I love my girls!  Peek Here!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Zinke Design Pampers Brides

A little while ago, we did a commercial session for Zinke Design's new line of pampering products. Brides will love them but so will all the girls you know. Satin, silk, a little lace and loads of style! Zinke was just featured in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine for these darling designs. Our beautiful model with all the camisoles, slippers, eye masks and more - gracing the pages. Looks great girls! Locally, their catalog of products is available online and I just picked one up at Jara Herron salon in Brookside, who also carries a few products. Get your satin eye masks before they are all gone and sleep like a baby! Congratulations to Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke, the masterminds behind the new line!

On Bended Knee....

Women love romance....and there are few things more romantic than a marriage proposal on bended knee. if that proposal is made beneath a lace of winter trees on the grounds of Philbrook, tucked into the Christmas-festooned Tempieto...the culmination of a day of visiting all the places you fell in could a girl possibly say no?

Lacy fell in love all over again as Trey slipped the "perfect," sparkling ring on her finger....and of course, she said yes. Every woman knows a man like this is a keeper.

Congratulations, Lacy and Trey! May your romance bloom through all the seasons of your life together.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wild at Heart

Brooke and Mike are getting married in August. In Oklahoma. They are definitely two people who are risk takers, huh? I have known Brooke since she was a little girl. Brooke is artistic, creative and well, okay, she has a little wild streak in her. I love that about her! Apparently, so does Mike - who, I've been told - has had a few "wild child" moments of his own. I'm so glad these two have found each other. They are really at home with one another and make each other laugh ... a lot. Tulsa is their home turf and they wanted to go downtown for their engagement shoot. Of course, I must tote a furniture to most location, right? Oh, I almost forgot, we managed to catch the tail end of a train - another thing on their list. I had a great time with you two running around like crazies!