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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Michelle & Eric

These two are getting married in June! But have you ever been around people that seem like they've been together forever? Like they were just made for each other? Michelle and Eric are like that. they are just perfect for each other and they are so comfortable and fun together. Can't wait to shoot the wedding!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Won't be long now

I love this "baby" picture. Pretty soon I'll have another brand new baby (with a beautiful mom) to play with in my studio! I love my life!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Morgan's Day in the Park

Try to make the tulips this time of year and WOW, you better be quick. There was line on Good Friday and by Tuesday they were gone. Oh well - I'm planting them next year for myself! Little Morgan was just one year old last month so everything is new to her in the Springtime. She's wasn't thrilled w/having her picture taken but thank goodness her parents are pretty laid back and let her play in the water - which she loved. made a mess of her pretty little dress but a wet dress and a happy baby are always better than a dry dress and tears, don't you agree?

Monday, April 17, 2006

To the Dogs!

My engagement sessions have just "gone to the dogs". Ha ha. Saturday of Easter weekend I had so much fun shooting this couple with their two English Mastiffs - Clarabelle, a/k/a "CB" and Clyde (he's just a pup!) at the Rock Room at Chandler Park. They were two of the best behaved dogs I've ever worked with (that's a lot BTW) and beautiful too. Oh, yeah the bride and groom are no slouches either! Thanks Stacy and Jeff!

Waylon - 4 days old

Is there anything sweeter than a brand new baby? I just can't think of it if there is. This little boy was born on Monday when I was in Vegas and he was in my studio on Friday morning. I love it! He just sleeps mostly but we did manage to ruffle his feathers a little and get a couple "cry shots". He is so perfect. God is good.

LAS Vegas Conference - I'm Baaack!

Almost a week in Vegas is LONG time - it might even be related to dog years in some way I think. Anyway I just got back from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Conference and got to meet a lot of other photographers with whom I'd only "seen" online before. that's always fun! I received an Award of Excellence in the print competition for a fine art photograph I entered and got lots of info on the latest tech stuff for photographers. I got to lust after the new camera equipment and lenses and even squeeze in a few hands of blackjack (don't even ask). No matter where I go or for how long or for what reason, I am always soooo glad to be home. I love my home! I love my life!