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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

7's are Lucky! Gone ... Again

July 7th, 2007 - - 07-07-07 - that ought to be an easy anniversary to remember, huh? This wedding date just booked for the 2nd time this year - yeah! Malissa & Trevor - Congratulations on your engagement and I'm really looking forward to working with you guys and making some awesome images of your love story!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Artists at Large

I had THE best time with these 2 today! They are true artists at heart - I love that. They were so cute and comfortable with each other. It's so nice to have that in front of your camera! Fluid movement - spontaneous movements - it was wonderful! AND -- they have a Vespa! I can't wait! How fun it that! Sarah and Chris - I had a great time - only one BUM MOMENT in downtown Tulsa - It was FUN! Thanks so much. Can't wait for Dresser and Stella.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mighty Meredith Ties the Knot!

I could have entitled this "Polly Pocket gets Married"! Meredith is the tiniest, sweetest, little darlin' of a girl and Josh is her big, baseball playing man. Saturday was the date they have been waiting for for over a decade. High School sweethearts all grown up and starting their lives together. Their families couldn't be happier for them and the entire weekend was evidence of that! A wonderful rehearsal dinner at The Blue Mesa Grille started things off right. A gorgeous Texas day on Saturday was the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt vows they exchanged in their Dallas Baptist church and made the night clear for a rockin' reception at the Doubletree Hotel - where, I'm told, they filmed the infamous "Who Shot J.R." episode of Dallas. It was quite a view from the Skyline Ballroom on the 21st floor with all the sparkling lights of Big D but even all those lights couldn't outshine the Bride & Groom and their obvious love for one another. Congratulations Meredith & Josh! Thanks for a great weekend! Lisa & Jay

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The wedding on April 21, 2007, has been cancelled and there's at least one broken heart involved. I know it's only a few weeks away but if anyone needs a wedding photographer on this date, please call. It was going to take place at Camp Loughridge so that's probably available as well. Over a year's worth of planning was done on this wedding as she hired me in March of 2005 so if you're wanting to throw a nice wedding in just a few weeks, call me and we'll see what all you can step right into. As bad as cancelling a wedding so close may feel, it's not half as bad as marrying the wrong person because you already had your dress! Good Luck, Lori.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Virginia is for Lovers

That sounds like a bumper sticker..umm. Well, it should be - Kate and Todd are set to tie the knot this summer so we spent a little time last week in Alexandria, VA where they met and live, and the dogs weren't the only ones with cold noses. It was a little chilly but we forged ahead and had so much fun in Old Town Alexandria. Their dogs are actually the matchmakers here. It was Duke and Chevy that introduced them and kept them running into each other until they fell in love. They'll soon be one big happy - fuzzy - family. I had a great time in your beautiful little town guys. Thanks so much! July will be here before you know it!