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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Welcome to the Sisterhood

We've always had a right of passage - a celebration - when each of our children, godchildren, grandchildren, yada yada, reaches the age of ten. We call it the Double Digit Celebration and we always make a BIG deal about it. It's kinda spilled over into my business because I think everyone realizes that age 10 is the threshold of adulthood - the single digit years are over and before you can blink sometimes your child is grown. My Double Digit portrait sessions have now become a celebration in their own right. You can probably see why with these photos. I've taken pictures of this child since she was born and now she's 10. So sweet and beautiful with all the innocence of a child and the promise of great things for the woman she'll soon become. Now that's reason to Celebrate! Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WE are NEVER getting out of here!

Most of you know by now that we had the Mother of all Ice Storms this past weekend. It started on Friday around noon and for the next 4 days we had ice, sleet, freezing rain, a little snow flurry from time to time and then more ice. If you've ever been to my studio, in my home, you know I am pretty far off the road, and up on a hill. My driveway scares people in good weather. Take a look at it now. I finally ventured out to the street on Monday to take these photos but it was sooo cold, I retreated rather promptly. You don't even make footprints - it is very weird.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Last week - before the weather trapped all of us inside - I took my daughter, Kate and my granddaughter, Ashtyn, to the mall to get their ear pierced. I told Kate she had to wait until she was 10 and then she could do it and when she got to 10, she decided to wait a little while. Now, she's 12 and Ashtyn is 10 so they've talked each other into it. Here's a couple pics. I have to say, Ashtyn was the big motivator behind this venture and yet ended up making a bigger fuss in the end - nothing a little dippin dots couldn't cure - these two can do anything together - that's kinda scary, actually. Bottom line - they've both got a couple more holes in their heads now!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Updating Website

Some of you may have figured out there are a few changes going on on my website. Thank you for your patience while I get the photos uploaded for display in the various categories. I hope it will make it easier to navigate to what you are interested in when I get it completed. Please feel free to call me any time. Happy New Year!