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Monday, August 28, 2006

Summer Rain

Saturday was the official kickoff of the fall season but with all the heat around here we had little rain storms popping up all over the place - even at Western Hills on Lake Ft. Gibson where Shannon and Allen tied the knot in between cloud bursts. It was a beautiful ceremony and the little shower before just cooled things off and didn't delay it too much. Under a beautifully attended iron gazebo, lovingly handcrafted by the bride's father, they exchanged their vows. I believe the bride described her dress as all business up front and all party in the back - we agree - it was great! They skipped the traditional champagne toast and passed out tequila shots and the party got started! Congratulations! We had a great time!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seniors - Yikes!

This is "little Allison" , my niece! I can't believe she's a senior this year. That sure happened fast. Ummm.
Check out these eyes! WOW! You're gorgeous, girl.

October 7th - GONE AGAIN!

October 7, 2006, has been booked again. Andria and Erik Congratulations!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Apple Bridal

OMG! This weekend was incredible. I was in NYC for a few days and shot an engagment session and then this bridal session. It was such fun. We shot all over Park Avenue, Grand Central Station, Chelsea Pier and then Times Square, where we practically stopped traffic and caused quite a stir! I do not do traditional bridal sessions - I just don't like them - too "somethingish" - I don't know. Anyway, I love to shoot bridal portraits MY way but don't get a lot of takers - go figure! I LOVE it when a bride is so up for anything - doesn't care about wearing her dress out before her wedding - (I'm very careful BTW) and just wants to have FUN in it - I mean she's only going to wear it for a few hours on her wedding day so let's go make some great images with it NOW!! Jessica was just this bride. She was up for it. She knew I was going to NYC for an engagement session and wanted to come along and pack her gown for some fun. We did and it was! Thanks Jess, I had the best time. Hope you love your images as much as I do. (The best thing is: SHE HAS A LITTLE SISTER!) Oh, how lucky can I get? xxoo Lisa

NYC Engagement

This darling couple is getting married in May, 2007. Their families are from Tulsa but they went off to the BIG APPLE to make their dreams come true! Well, I absolutely must visit NYC at least twice year for a "fix" so they were my perfect excuse. A few days in the city - it's just good for what ails ya'! These two live on Roosevelt Island - small strip of land between Manhattan and Queens - it's very quaint. I never would have been there but for this. It was so wonderful. I had such a good time. These two were great troopers - the heat was great but tolerable - and they gave me some terrific restaurant tips - always worth it!
I can't wait for your wedding. It will be so much fun. You guys were great hosts. Thanks for everything! Lisa