This is our current work and pieces of our thoughts. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma but are well travelled and will go anywhere you want to take us. Our new blog will be ready in just a few weeks! We'll leave this one up for a bit with a link to it since nothing can transfer over - boo hoo! If there's a favorite post in here you want us to repost in the new blog, drop me a line or ring me and I'll move it over when the time is here.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Our new blog is up and running. Well, sort of running but like with a cramp in your leg every once in a while so you limp along for a bit. Trying to learn all the new things for it. But it does show our photos much better and it gives us a little more space to just be us. So, if you've been following along on this old thing, come on over to the new Trippin' with LSD BLOG and just see what we're up to now. Our parting shots - our completely devoted fan club members!

Nikita with the Jolly-ball - she love de jolly ball!
Tess with de frog - she never seen dat before!
Miss Inky - "make it work, girl"
And, de Mister Kat. He so handsome and he not even care a bit!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Aren't You Blogging!?

Haven't blogged in a bit because..... the great custom blog creators, Into the Darkroom, is creating a NEW BLOG for LSD PHOTOGRAPHY! Yeah! So nothing from this blog will transfer to it and I have some fun posts that I am saving to post in it as soon as it gets up. I think it will be another couple of weeks or so before it actually launches. I'll make a big to-do about it though! It will have much larger images, cool slideshows, categories and lots of coolness! Can't wait! We've got a few wedding slideshows, some bridal sessions, a peek at a boudoir session, babies and maternity and of course.... dogs - all waiting in the wings to post to the NEW BLOG! They've been great to work with at ITDR. Our Trippin' with LSD blog is about to be a reality. It reflects our main website and they are just beautiful together. Honestly, we are beside ourselves waiting!

Meanwhile, I had a couple of things of interest going on. As many of you know, the studio only has the back door entrance now and is a little smaller - more intimate - for viewings and consultations. Peek in when you're in the neighborhood. It's pretty! I had to move my household at this same time so it has been hectic and I apologize if I've missed replying to anyone's emails or phone calls. If I have, please just call me again - things are better now. :-) I'm actually taking this weekend to get my production office squared away but next weekend it's back to weddings for a bit. We are so blessed to get to shoot the first wedding in the new Mayo Hotel Crystal Ballroom on October 3, 2009. Carrie McFall and Ryan Higgins. A military couple tying the knot in their hometown. We just shot Carrie's bridal session on the roof at the Mayo last week. It was stunning! Can't wait to post those images.

Our September 19th couple, Mindi & Shane - was just featured in the Brides of Oklahoma newsletter. (sign up to receive this newsletter - it's very fun) How cute are they? Had Mindi's bridal session a couple of weeks ago and just got all her portraits framed this week for the wedding. We shot it on her parents property near Cushing which overlooks the Cimmaron river. Beautiful.

I was at Borders the other day with Kate - one of our favorite outings together. I swear I think we could stay in there for hours and not even realize it. I was looking for the large print section (which they move all the time) It's large print but it's not a very large section and I just check to see what new books they have for Lucille (my mom) b/c it is easier for her to read now that she's almost 90! She likes bios and things like that and I found one on Marilyn Monroe in large print! Right up Lucille's alley. Anyway, the large print section was moved over by the Literature section and I was looking thru there and came across these. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte but published by different publishers with different covers. Same inside, different outside. Price ranged from $4.95 - $16.95. There was an entire shelf of this book. These are iphone pics and not so good either b/c there was a ladder in front of this section that couldn't be moved so I had to shoot around and through it.

Next - went to Southern Ag(riculture) to get dog/cat food and Tess came in and helped herself to a pig's ear. She just loves those things. She knows exactly what aisle it's on and just goes there and picks one out. She is the cutest dog ever, don't you think? Shake-it photo in the backseat of the truck. BTW - Shake-it photo is a very fun iphone app.

AND, LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... I am taking all of November OFF to help our little Mo get ready for our new grandson's arrival - November 20th! I'll post more from her formal maternity session on the NEW BLOG but here's a shake-it photo to hold you over. Morgan is the cutest pregnant person ever. She is WAY out in front with this little guy.
Look at his sweet little 4-D face!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


SeraFem is searing rock, rich classical lines, and intense, haunting vocals. SeraFem is six incredibly talented musicians that together rend a symphonic rock that draws you into the complexity of their sound. Lisa and I got to spend an electric evening shooting this band with thunderheads and rainbows serenading us overhead, in perfect harmony. Perfectly fitting. SeraFem is just now busting onto the Tulsa scene. Be watching for show dates and be sure to be one of the first to check this impressive band out!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Some of you know that last year about this time Sophia and I met the founder of New York Says Thank You, Jeff Parness, in Ft. Worth. One of those "accidental" meetings that brings people together that would never probably meet otherwise. It's a God thing. He invited us to the annual NYSTY charity event that was being held in Greensburg, KS that year, to help rebuild a town virtually destroyed by an F5 tornado. We felt called to go and just packed our gear and drove to Greensburg for 3 days to shoot the barn raising led by NYSTY and many citizens of Greensburg. We were welcomed with open arms and had a great time with all the volunteers and the families of Greensburg. It changed us forever. As I said, it is an ANNUAL event. It occurs each year the weekend before 9/11 - often labor day weekend. Firefighters from FDNY, many of whom were present on 9/11 and lost friends and co-workers in the abomination of that day, pack their gear and head to the site of assistance for the year - their way of saying "Thank You" to all the people who helped them in the wake of 9/11. Each year as they "pay it forward", people from the area helped the year before also trek to the new site. The volunteers have grown from a few to hundreds each year. There's always room for more. If you're looking for a way to "pay it forward" check out this organization. Maybe we'll see you in Souix City this September. "What we do is NOT about 9/11. What we do is about 9/12." Here's some more info and a link to read more about this wonderful organization. click here

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well it's been almost 3 years since we first opened our studio in Brookside. We've learned alot about our business and it has continued to grow. It sometimes gets a little bit away from us I must admit! Thank you all for your continued support and referrals. We are proud that the majority of our business comes from the referrals of our past and present clients. We are undergoing some changes in the studio and I wanted to make sure everyone knows the studio is staying where it is - Brookside. We love it there! We are changing our space around a little and the darling boutique next door, Sideways, is going to take the front of our space and we are moving around to the courtyard side space. We will only have a door on the courtyard side now instead of 35th Place. I don't want anyone freaking out when they drive by and don't see our stuff through the windows on 35th Place anymore. WE ARE STILL HERE! This is going to be a much better and more workable space for us for consultations and viewings. We are very happy and excited about our little change. Still parking in the back. We still have the Sonoma Wine Bar next door. Don't you just love that cheese plate! The best! Give us a call and come by.


Kendall and Blake are Norman Sooners through and through so when we discussed where they wanted their engagement session, there was no hesitation - they wanted it on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. These two met as children in Norman and there's some discrepancies as to how their paths crossed and re-crossed and who actually fell in love with whom first and all that BUT they are definitely on the same page now and will be married next spring in a hometown wedding blast! I love to hear Kendall and Blake talk with each other. It's so cute! Their conversations have that easy, comfortable feel to them of people who have known each other all their lives. I found myself shooting extra frames just to stay and listen to them a bit longer. When they came to the studio for a consultation, they were discussing the possibility of becoming dog owners which, of course, I totally encouraged and was happy to see they are now the proud parents of Tank - this darling little boxer. Kendall's sister, Julie brought Tank out for a few shots - he is fo fweet! Julie is getting married in October in Vermont but the girls are going to have hometown announcements together! So.... as the song goes...."they're sooner born and sooner bred and then next spring they'll be sooner wed!" (Okay, I know it doesn't go like that but in this case it does!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mindi + Shane SAIL AWAY!

When Mindi and Shane raised the possibility of an engagement session in their sailboat I thought it would be such fun. It was! We went to Lake Thunderbird near Norman and shoved off around sunset. These two spend a lot of their time together sailing and have plotted their course by the stars many a night. They have a few Oklahoma weather stories under their belts too! It was my first time sailing -- but I do like adventure and, while it was a lot more work than I ever thought it was, it sure was nice. A quiet, calmness to it that I could get used to (if I can find a Captain to hoist the sail and steer and lift the centerboard and tie the bow line and all that stuff). I did learn an important lesson on this sailing trip - if there is no wind, you have to row. Ummm. I love the way these two have a quiet connection between them. The looks, the smiles, a little touch between them - a quiet calmness that goes hand in hand with their favorite past time. They were definitely made to sail away together. Here's a few images from our time on the lake. I thought this sign had an interesting comment - "Solve your problems off the ramp". Thanks for the sailing lesson! I had a great time with you guys.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Emily & Blake's Sneak Peek!

Emily and Blake got married July 11, 2009 at St. Benedict's Catholic Church with their reception following at the Tulsa Garden Center. One of the sweetest couples I've ever met. They laugh together constantly and just totally enjoy each other's company. Their wedding day was HOT in more ways than one. Let's just say they went to an island to cool off afterwards! The colors were vibrant and The French Bouquet flowers were totally scrumptious. The whole wedding will post to Pictage soon but here's a little sneak peek.