This is our current work and pieces of our thoughts. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma but are well travelled and will go anywhere you want to take us. Our new blog will be ready in just a few weeks! We'll leave this one up for a bit with a link to it since nothing can transfer over - boo hoo! If there's a favorite post in here you want us to repost in the new blog, drop me a line or ring me and I'll move it over when the time is here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kristen & Kevin sittin' in a tree.....

Okay, well not really in a tree but they are K-I-S-S-I-N-G! That's because they're getting married! And they'll finally live in the sameplace ! Kevin's been in NYC and Kristen here in Tulsa finishing Med School. Well, May 23rd is the date. So, these two are hard to get in the same place at the same time but we managed a little time in downtown Tulsa on a Sunday afternoon to take a few love shots. It was another weird weather day - 70's when we arrived and 50's when we left an hour later. Very fun guys. Thanks for being good sports and braving the wind!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

M&M Engaged

We actually shot these when our new website was being transitioned. Marcus and Mandy are getting married in April at The Golf Club of Oklahoma. Anne Marie of The French Bouquet will be providing flowers so I can't wait for that! These two met years ago and went separate ways with separate lives.....only to meet again in Dallas and fall in love! We met out at The Barn one afternoon and shot a few engagement photos of the happy pair. Aren't they cute? :-) BTW, we call them Mork N Mindy b/c we always get tongue-tied saying MarcusnMandyMarcusnMandy --- see what I mean? And, really now, who doesn't love Mork N Mindy? We do!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bridal Veils

Brides ask us about veils all the time.  A lot of times with that "do I really need to wear one" look on their faces.  YES.  You do.  At least for a little while.  It's the one day you GET to wear one.  I really like to have them included in the Bridal Sessions.  It's so flowy (not a word I guess) and you get such great movement in your photos with one.  I know they are a PITA but they look really good in photos. We actually own a few.   Meg Guess Couture has a great veil tutorial on her website - and some of the MOST FABULOUS dresses ever!  Her new line is exquisite.  Take a look and let us know what you think.