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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just don't know if there is a cuter baby. That's not just a grandmother speaking. : ) Getting to photograph these two anytime I please is a dream come true. ~sophia

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How many great women do you know?  How many women in your life do absolutely know have helped get you where you are today?   We are thrilled to announce that Lisa and Sophia will be the photographing for the new Mia Magazine!  A new publication, produced by women, for women and about women -- is undoubtedly the next BIG thing to hit the media waves.   Women inspiring women to be..well, women.. and damn proud of it!   The team on this publication has years of experience and I'm not just talking about publication and journalism - they are women! They know about women!  Finally!  They are taking story ideas and writing from all women of all ages as well as advertising that thousands of women will see so please go to the website- and see for yourself why we are so excited about being a part of this fun, new publication!   CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!  Let's ROCK this town and give women  something to talk about!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Emily and Blake go together ... like tulips and Starbucks!  In Midtown EVERYONE knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.   We had great afternoon Sunday for a little romance in one of Tulsa's landmark areas - Utica Square.  Emily and Blake have a little history with tulips and coffee AND Utica Square so it only seemed too perfect that we'd have their engagement session there.  Blake has been sending Emily tulips every month since they started dating and her proposal started with a bouquet of tulips and two cards - think scavenger hunt - and guess who was at the end of it with the BIG QUESTION!  What a romantic!   Emily is a second grade teacher and I am certain every one of her students just adores her!  Blake keeps her in good training for them and these two just have so much fun together - lots of giggles going on!    I had so much fun with you guys.  Can't wait for your wedding this summer.  Congrats on your first new home too!  

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brides of Oklahoma Announcement Deadlines

Brides of Oklahoma Magazine publishes its next issue in July but May 15th is the DEADLINE for getting your wedding or engagement announcement application in.   If you want to have your wedding or engagement photos and information in the next issue, go to their website or come by the studio for an application, 'cause we have some here of course!    If you haven't seen the magazine, the January issue is still on the newstands and we have a copy you can look at too.  I think we've only got a couple issues left to hand out but you are welcome to come by and look and visit and grab a Starbucks with us.    We advertise with BOK Mag so be sure and tell them we're your 'togs and you'll get a discount on your submission fee.   It's really a beautiful magazine, the photos looks great in there and the pages feel like silk.  Yummy.  It's a NICE publication to send to all your family and the cost is comparable to putting a black/white announcement in the newspaper for one day.  So, call the girls - Kami & Ashley - at BOK Mag and GET PUBLISHED!       

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ace Reporters Crack Wedding Dress Mystery!

Now that I have your attention....This morning I was looking thru the newspaper - yes, the kind with pages and print - I LOVE those and hate to see them disappearing all over the globe but that's another BLOG - Anyway, full page ad Page A7 Sooner Surplus Sales - "Wedding Dresses - Top of the Line at a FRACTION of Bridal Store Prices" "Nothing priced over $299" -  so we decided to take a drive to the west side of Tulsa and check it out.  You have to go across the 21st street bridge, follow signs towards Chandler Park and it's on the left before the park.   It's a warehouse.   It's a WAREHOUSE.  A metal warehouse.   When you go in it's like a big thrift store.  We walked all the way to the back and there they were.   Racks of wedding dresses in their plastic sheaths and hanging according to size. Sizes 2-16.  Organized.  The covers had a name and phone number on it and I googled it and it was a bridal store from Tempe, Arizona that went out of biz.  Anyway, there were a lot of dresses.  Some not so great, but some were very nice.  They had a few Alfred Angelo dresses, MToo Couture, and several other brands.  They still had the store tags on them with prices and then the sign for pricing at the Warehouse.  

We thought we'd be like Clark Kent and Lois Lane reporting but it was more like Lucy & Ethel as we sneaked Sophia into the dressing room (I use that term loosely) to try one on. It's a little big on her but you can see the dress anyway.

This one was a M Too Couture dress.  It had a full lace overlay with scallop lace hem and tons of little seed pearls also.  It was a very pretty dress.   This is a size 6 but I saw it in several sizes.  It had a price tag of $2299.00 on it from the store.  It was $299.00 at the Warehouse. 

Had a zipper in the back but it also had the little satin buttons.
Had a sweeping circular train that french bustled underneath.
The price tag:  $2299.00   - white tag from warehouse $299.99

Bottom line is, there are some nice dresses there to be found if you look for them. They had white, diamond white, candlelight, off white, white w/red, white w/black, sleeves, sleeveless, cap sleeves, long sleeves. A lot to choose from. It's not glamourous. No one is going to schmooze you or offer you champagne while you shop but then you will be getting a dress for under $300 so you'll save enough money to buy your own champagne! (Or Upgrade your wedding Album!) Something else, you cannot alter a dress down more than two sizes. So, if you wear a size 2, don't buy a size 8. It won't work. And, remember, a dress this big never looks the same on the hanger - YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ON to find out if it's THE ONE.

You might find something stellar like this "chello wine rack" (taken from the tag)