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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wild and Crazy Foxes!

During a senior portrait session Sunday morning in Downtown Tulsa, this little red fox jumped right up on the wall in the underpass we were shooting! Yikes! We kept shooting and she just watched. A little weird if I do say so.

Lauren and Anthony - Holiday Wedding Plans!

A holiday wedding is planned for Lauren and Anthony but we got a little time for an engagement session this past week. Together for 5 years, these two are planning to tie the knot in December. No mistletoe needed here!

Tiny Nicole!

I really love to photograph expectant mothers BUT I REALLY LOVE to photograph the fruit of her labor - the BABY! And I feel so honored when I get to follow a new little family and document the special times and just the everyday times they have in their lives. This little girl is the tiniest, sweetest, most expressive little thing! I just love this little face! Thanks for sharing her with me!

Tiny Nicole!

Marriage by Design - Nicole & Brock

Beautiful weather in Tulsa for this engagement session with Nicole & Brock. These two both work for the same architectural firm but in their spare time have been designing a blueprint for a happy life together - marriage Spring 2008! Can't wait for the BIG day!