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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cherokee County Bride

What a wonderful time we had yesterday at this wedding. It was a perfect setting - rolling green hillsides of Cherokee County, Oklahoma. The bride and groom had all their close friends and family attending, an energentic DJ - good food, champagne - an all-out celebration. One of the most romantic weddings I've ever seen. Here's a glimpse of their day. Thanks so much for having us. Congratulations! Lisa & Jay

Thursday, June 08, 2006

James W. Dunham Running for Tulsa County District Judge

Many of you know my darling husband - Jay - because he's an excellent photographer and an integral part of my wedding day team. BUT did you know that in the "off season" he's a tremendous trial attorney? Well, he is and now he's thrown his hat in the ring for District Judge. Voters in Tulsa and Pawnee Counties will decide the race between J Dunham, J Anthony Miller, David Youll, Deirdre Dexter, Mary Fitzgerald and Steve Hjelm. He's perfectly suited for this job and will make a fine Judge. I'm so proud of him! Please get out the VOTE!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oklahoma Ties

Why do all these beautiful brides leave Tulsa? They just have to come back to get married! I finally got to meet Chad and Gretchen in person when they came in from Tennessee for wedding plans today. It doesn't take long to see why these two are getting married. They have such fun just being together. Sounds like a gorgeous Holiday wedding in the works. Get that chocolate cake!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Romances: Blake & Laurel

Met in Kansas, moved to LA - drove to Tulsa for engagement photos. And I'm so glad they did! Planning a fall wedding in Kansas (from California) this darling couple and I hadn't met before yesterday. Visiting family at Grand Lake put them close enough to get here and play a little bit before the big day. Thanks for making it to Tulsa. You two are so cute together and you look amazing! I can hardly wait until fall.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bride is a Total "Wipe Out" at Wedding!

John and Keli tied the knot Saturday evening at the Tulsa Country Club as friends and family watched under the backdrop of the Tulsa skyline. The bride was incredibly beautiful, don't you think? A reception followed at TCC with a live band - Blender from OKC - and with her handsome new husband pushing her on stage, the bride knocked out a thrashing rendition of "Wipe Out" on the drums with Blender accompanying. It was fabulous! Thanks for a great time Keli and John. Everything was wonderful. Congratulations and keep making each other laugh!

Porter-Pilkington Rehearsal Dinner

What a beautiful weekend for a wedding. I think this is the most popular wedding weekend in Tulsa this year - they're everywhere! After a quick run thru of the ceremony, Keli and John retreated with their guests to The Summit Club at the top of the Bank of America building in beautiful downtown Tulsa for a wonderful rehearsal dinner. Plenty of toasts, good food and friends and a gorgeous sunset. Love those Oklahoma skies.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Energizer Bunny is too slow...

for this little guy! I couldn't get my camera to auto focus during this session until I set it on the "moving subject" mode! Wow! Busy busy busy! Little boys are one of my favorite things in life - so full of wonder and curiosity...and MOTION! This one was not quite walking but I think I might actually have captured one of his first steps. He is so close to being completely mobile. I hope his mom is resting up! I hope he had as much fun as I did! Thanks for sharing your most precious gifts with me!