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Friday, December 12, 2008

My Crew!

Here's the latest on Lisa's group of children, grandchildren, and godchildren. It's a lively bunch - And the lineup goes: Kate, Cassidy, Tatum, Katie, Zachary, Triston, Taylor & Jonathan. Whew! We had fun—but we always do! I'm glad this dock is long because I'm sure we've got more coming! I'm creating a new piece for my entry hallway from this session. I can't wait til it comes!

It' Double Digits for Sarah!

I recently had a Double Digits session with this little girl and almost cried. I've been photographing her since she was born and now she is in Double Digits! Almost grown. Our Double Digit sessions are created for that time when children are almost passing over into adulthood. You see glimpses of the adult they are going to be and yet they are still a child—still full of wonder and FUN! My husband and I had Double Digit celebrations with our children when they turned 10 to make a special time of getting older and getting new opportunities and responsibilities—it was so much fun and they still talk about it and how special they felt. That's what we do with our Double Digit sessions. We really make your child feel special about being in double digits now—it's an exciting time in life and yet one that often goes ignored. It's a time for celebration! Here's how we celebrated Sarah's! Happy Birthday Sarah and welcome to Double Digits!


This is such a darling little face! It lives in a sweet family too. I had so much fun with Mack and his parents, Krista & Jack, at the park recently. He's a busy toddler and loves to run and play soccer so we had plenty of wide open space and we even saw a few ducks in the creek at Woodward Park. Their Christmas card is in the Christmas Card slideshow too. I want to introduce him to my granddaughter in a couple of decades!

Little Jessi - and her sibs!

Jessi is going to be 2 in April. I first photographed her "in utero" so to speak, when I had a maternity session with her family as they anxiously awaited her arrival, and then again when she was born. She had the most hair I've ever seen on a newborn baby! Now, she has little ponytails. She looks like BOO on Monsters, Inc, don't you think? Her big brother Max and big sister Alex are having lots of fun with her too. Here's a few from their Christmas Card session this year.

Catch up!

One of our New Year's Resolutions is going to be get our blogging under control!  I'm afraid it does kind of get pushed to the rear when we get busy and have orders and viewings and, of course, we do take photographs from time to time!  Anyway, we've had lots going on at LSD and it's going to be VERY FUN!  Our new website is getting ready to launch and we are so excited.  It should great for everyone - we can update it ourselves!  yeah!  It will link to our BLOGS - one for weddings and portraits, one for seniors (all your own!) and our fun little Trippin' with LSD for some of our stranger outings.  ( I use the term outing to mean going out - on a trip or ... you know what I mean!)  Sometimes I say things and my kids (adults) look at me with "the look" and tell me "you can't say that anymore, mom".   So, feel free to tell me when my terminology is askew.  I take no offense!   These next few blogs are all on the same date but have been taken in the last month or so.  We're really focusing on our portraiture these days and LOVE it.  Stylizing a session, creating and directing a session, shooting a session - it's all so much fun - and then the artistic implements to the image come into play and it all comes together just like in our heads!   It's a beautiful thing!