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Monday, May 28, 2007

A GRAND Love Affair

i spent Memorial Day weekend at Grand Lake and it rained most of the time BUT... I did get to squeeze a quick session in with Ashley and Clint on Friday afternoon - during a cloud break. They live in Austin, TX but were visiting her family's lakehouse for the holiday so it just seemed too perfect to pass up. Besides, it turns out they met and had quite a courtship at Grand Lake and are now set to tie the knot in the fall. Clint told me that Ashley could drive a BIG BOAT when she was 17 and he said..."when she backed that boat up to the dock and dropped me off, I was in love!" It's obvious that's still the case, huh? I think she kinda likes him too. Can't wait for this September party! Thanks for giving me a little of your holiday, guys. AND.. thanks for the boat ride, Grant. Lisa

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lucky Sevens!

Sunday's weather was perfect for an engagement session with the Lucky Sevens couple - getting married on 07/07/07. We took their darling little Izzy for a walk along the Arkansas River and found plenty of opportunities for romance. These two are so comfortable with each other. Affection is not a problem here, if you know what I mean. BUT, Izzy gets a little jealous when their attention isn't for her!

Finally Married!!

Anyone who knows Genniva and Banks knows they've been a couple since, well...since forever and Saturday night, they finally made it official at Trinity Episcopal Church. Amidst the crowds of well wishers, friends and MayNintinis a grand celebration ensued at The Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa. Dancing into the wee hours and finally making their way to the honeymoon suite in a horse-drawn carriage - the real fairytale begins! We're so happy for you two! Thanks for including us in all your precious moments. Many blessings, Lisa

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Classic - and GORGEOUS!

I got to spend a little time with Amber this week for her bridal portraits. OMG! She is so beautiful - It was like having a Vogue model. She has a beautiful gown - Monique Lhuillier designer - fits like a glove on her hourglass figure! Could it be any better than this? Now, we just have to get her to breathe regularly in it since she almost fainted from holding her breath to be still for the photographs. She didn't need to be that still! Breathe, Amber, breathe! Both of her parents came and it was so sweet. Here's just a peek! Thank you so much for your relaxed and wonderful attitude - your images reflect it and you are GORGEOUS!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Graduation AND marriage - New Beginnings

These two are getting married soon - real soon - so soon that I almost didn't get to have this session - (well, I think we all know we would have had this session-it's the only RULE I have!) They've been studying so much and between finals and wedding plans managed to come to Tulsa and squeeze it in. And, in between rain storms no less! One day in 10 we haven't had rain and I think we made the best of it. Good luck with graduation guys and I'll see you soon for your glorious wedding day! Congratulations Mikel and Garrett!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sunny skies and LOVE - ahh, Spring!

Sunday was a sunny, glorious day - and when I met up with Angela and Mark it didn't take long to see there was more than pollen in the air! She and I were both having a little trouble breathing but we sailed on and I'm so glad we did. These two met on the internet too. This is my third marriage of an internet couple in a year! That internet match making must be doing something right - or is it, computers just don't lie? Either way, these two definitely compute and I can't wait for their fall wedding.