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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mindi + Shane SAIL AWAY!

When Mindi and Shane raised the possibility of an engagement session in their sailboat I thought it would be such fun. It was! We went to Lake Thunderbird near Norman and shoved off around sunset. These two spend a lot of their time together sailing and have plotted their course by the stars many a night. They have a few Oklahoma weather stories under their belts too! It was my first time sailing -- but I do like adventure and, while it was a lot more work than I ever thought it was, it sure was nice. A quiet, calmness to it that I could get used to (if I can find a Captain to hoist the sail and steer and lift the centerboard and tie the bow line and all that stuff). I did learn an important lesson on this sailing trip - if there is no wind, you have to row. Ummm. I love the way these two have a quiet connection between them. The looks, the smiles, a little touch between them - a quiet calmness that goes hand in hand with their favorite past time. They were definitely made to sail away together. Here's a few images from our time on the lake. I thought this sign had an interesting comment - "Solve your problems off the ramp". Thanks for the sailing lesson! I had a great time with you guys.