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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Kendall and Blake are Norman Sooners through and through so when we discussed where they wanted their engagement session, there was no hesitation - they wanted it on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. These two met as children in Norman and there's some discrepancies as to how their paths crossed and re-crossed and who actually fell in love with whom first and all that BUT they are definitely on the same page now and will be married next spring in a hometown wedding blast! I love to hear Kendall and Blake talk with each other. It's so cute! Their conversations have that easy, comfortable feel to them of people who have known each other all their lives. I found myself shooting extra frames just to stay and listen to them a bit longer. When they came to the studio for a consultation, they were discussing the possibility of becoming dog owners which, of course, I totally encouraged and was happy to see they are now the proud parents of Tank - this darling little boxer. Kendall's sister, Julie brought Tank out for a few shots - he is fo fweet! Julie is getting married in October in Vermont but the girls are going to have hometown announcements together! So.... as the song goes...."they're sooner born and sooner bred and then next spring they'll be sooner wed!" (Okay, I know it doesn't go like that but in this case it does!)